Q&A #SpillingTheTea Part II

Q&A #SpillingTheTea Part II

Q&A #SpillingTheTea Part II

You asked, we answered. Here goes Q&A round 2.


Do you ever have any sales?
We just had an AFTERYAY Day sale, babe! Make sure you’re following us on all our socials so you don’t miss out again.

How do you break it to your brother that you're dating best friend?
Yiiiiikes! I actually think his friend should be the one to break it to him or it should be a joint effort but if you’re planning on doing it solo I think you should choose the right time and place. The Macca’s drive-thru? Not the right time and place. It also depends on your relationship with your brother and how serious you and his bestie are.

Should I continue texting this guy that I'm into when he still messes with his ex?

GIRL, FOR WHAT? If he’s still messing with his ex then clearly there’s something going on there and all signs indicate that he’s not ready to let whatever he has with her go.

He hasn't tried to have sex, we kissed, kept talking now he hasn't text back idk when whats up?
I think you should let it go. Idk what’s up either but my guess is that he might have lost interest or he might have something going on atm? If he ignored your text you might have to count your losses and move on. You can try to text him again and ask him for an explanation but that’s not guaranteed.

Is it better to date someone the opposite personality of you? Or similar personalities?
It depends! It’s good to date someone with similar interests but it’s also fun to date someone who’s interested in different things so you’re constantly being exposed to new ideas/things.

What is the best way to shoe a girl that I like her?
I think the best way it to be upfront and tell her. You can also flirt here and there and show genuine interest in her.

How to know if Bae is gonna say I love you?
Aw, this is a question I can’t answer because everyone says it at different stages and idk how your bae’s mind works.

How to deal with not being loved back?
Rejection is hard but you have to remember that as hard as it is, do not to take it personally. You might not be compatible and that’s hard but that’s fine because you’ll be compatible with other people.

I met him in Mexico and I live so far away how do we make it work?
Step up your communication game! If you’re planning on taking this seriously you both have to be very good communicators - schedule Skype dates and FaceTime calls and be open and honest about how you feel and any insecurities you might have being in a LDR.

My bf birthday is in a month and I want to surprise him and something to wear?
You can set up a little picnic, take him out to dinner or make him something special (a photo book, etc.). As for what to wear, I recommend the Parker Playsuit, the Meeting Place Bodysuit, the Hearts Are Wild Jumpsuit or Try Your Luck Dress if you’re feeling a lil extra.

21st birthday gift?
Get them an experience! Take someone to a degustation, tour a chocolate factory (more fun than it sounds), set up a little picnic, organise a staycation, etc.

Cooking dinner outside while watching the sunset in Chicago?
That sounds like date night goals! I recommend wearing our Third Floor Dress.

Not knowing if he's into me! We've had one date!
You’ve got to ask the big three.
- Have we spoken since the date?
- What vibe does he give off when we talk? Is he dismissive or does he try to keep the conversation going? Does he take days to reply to a text?
- Has he mentioned going on another date?


How do you shop with the US store?

Here’s the link babe - https://www.hellomolly.com/us/. DM us is you have any issues!

What outfit do you think would look good on me for my girls trip to Miami in a few weeks?
The Honey Moon Dress! It’s a super sweet woven style and it’s perf for chilling out in Miami. I also recommend the Picking It Up Jumpsuit.
Need to look 11/10 for my mans 21st. Ideas?
We recommend the Stop Motion Maxi Dress (perf for warmer weather), the Call It Love Midi Dress or the Meeting Place Bodysuit + Hard To Find Pants.

What are the best things to wear to school:
- Mom jeans (SO comfy and flattering)
- Oversized knits
- Ankle booties - the Akila Boot by ALIAS MAE are our faves!
- Sneakers

Do you have suggestions fro a sexy yet classy wedding guest dress?
We sure do! The East Atlanta Maxi Dress and the Time For You Dress are our picks.

Birthday ideas for him
- An experience! Take him skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, to dinner, to an exclusive club, etc.

Do a post on how to dress in your 30’s.
Thanks for the recommendation! We'll post one soooooon.

What dress/es would you recommend for a wedding guest?

What kind of dress do I wear with boots with metallic boots?
A slip dress OR these pants by MOSSMAN.

Do you have any physical stores? Or are you only online?
We’re 100% online babe!

Got a sixteenth, what would be good to wear.
Our Taking Pictures Of You Dress!

How do you get over someone who broke your heart but you still love them?
This sounds super corny but time heals all. It hurts now but it’ll get better with time. In the meantime you can keep busy by doing things you love, surrounding yourself with people who love you and keeping some distance between the person who hurt you.

Any recommendations on styling bralets?
Don’t be afraid to wear bralets as tops and mesh shirts can be your best friend if you let them!  

Which do you think is the best jumpsuit for short and skinny girls with no curves?
The Middle Of the Hill Jumpsuit or the Healing Hands Jumpsuit.