Love Island Australia: Week 3 Recap

Love Island Australia: Week 3 Recap

Love Island Australia: Week 3 Recap

Not gonna lie, I've been slacking on my Love Island Australia viewing and I may or may not be several days behind… but, worry not, the show must go on. Our Customer Service sweetheart, Bella, has kindly given me a quick recap so I can give you a quick recap of what went down in the villa this week.

- Millie and Elias are over. Turns out he’s not the wisest when it comes to choosing his words

- Jaxon was really sweet on Cassidy and he seems like a decent guy but Cassidy wasn’t feeling it (mainly because he’s the shortest in the house) and squashed any possibility of Jaxidy ever becoming a thing.

- Gold Coast girl Mac entered the villa and had all the girls SHOOK for like an hour

- Eden and Erin has their first official fight but they patched it up and are still the villa’s power couple


OK SO Josh ditched Tash to recouple with Cassidy and when both gals were on the chopping block he chose to save Cassidy, despite knowing Tash for two weeks and only liking Cas for like 48 hours. Tash was booted from the island and Josh thought he’d kick on with Cassidy… little did he know that new boy and standard Bondi bloke Dom would enter the villa and get Cas all heart-eyed. Cas then had a cheeky chat with Dom and let him know she was picking up what he was putting down and they decided to recouple, much to everyone (especially Josh’s horror/surprise/annoyance). Now the other housemates think Cassidy is *playing the game and Josh is seriously regretting sending Tash packing. Funny thing is Tash kinda saw it coming and she was  supportive of their budding romance but she was also super skeptical because Cas falls out of love as quickly as she falls in love.

TL;DR Cassidy, we were all rooting for you.


- In other Cassidy related news, Grant and Tayla are still going strong.

- Australia voted Elias out of the villa (no suprise there)


- Eden received the most votes for "who's likely to leave the villa with a girlfriend?" and he and Erin could send home either Jaxon or Justin and he chose Justin and everyone was hella pissed and now Justin's gone MIA IRL 

- Millie's single, Jaxon's single and a new guy's entering the villa in less than 72 hours

That's pretty much it. Have I missed anything? Slide into our DMs and let us know.

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