Australian Slang

Australian Slang

Australian Slang

G'day, mate. Have you ever had a conversation with someone from the land down under and been left bewildered? Who's Stevo? What's a sanga and why is everyone obsessed with vegemite? As Australia Day gets closer it's only fitting to guide you through Australian slang to help you converse with all your true blue mates. 





Servo: A service station. 

Stevo: A nickname for someone named Steve. Variations include Robo (Robert), Davo (Dave/David) and Mitcho (Mitch). 

Durrie/ciggie: Cigarettes.


Nollsy: Shannon Noll, an Australian musical icon and the rightful winner of Australian Idol's 2003/4 season. 


Bevvy: An alcoholic beverage.

Chunder: Vomit. 

Brekkie: Breakfast.

Chokkie: Chocolate.

Bikkie: Biscuit. 

Dunnie: Bathroom. 

Snag: Sausages.


Beauty: Used to describe good news and/or something fantastic, great, excellent. 


Yakka: Work. 


Yeah nah: Don't be fooled by the confirmation at the start of the phrase, this means no. 

Nah yeah: Not to be confused with the aforementioned 'yeah nah'. This phrase means yes.

Example. A: Are you going to Stevo's party this weekend? B: Nah yeah. 

Mozzie: Mosquito. 

On ya bike: Get lost! 

Daks: Pants.

Sanga: A sandwich. 

Bottle-O: A liquor store. 

Chewie: Chewing gum. 

Grog: Alcohol. 

Barbie: A barbecue. 

Keen: Interested. 

Esky: A cooler box. 

Macca's: McDonald's. 

Example: Keen for a Macca's run tonight? 

Roo: A kangaroo. 

Chuck a uey: To make a U-turn. 

Choccy milk: Chocolate milk. 


Smoko: A smoke break.