Breast Styling Essentials

Every girl loves to experiment with different 'fit styles which sometimes means a cheeky low V dress or the cutest backless crop top. We love to dress up in these fun styles but it always leaves us wondering, what about our bra? This is where our breast styling essentials come into play. These helpful little styling essentials can be worn under all your outfits that don't allow for the classic style bra. Handy tape can be worn, it can be applied in many different ways to allow for coverage and support while not being able to see any of it. Silicon cups also provide the same amount of support and coverage or you might not need the support only the coverage you can go for the classic nipple covers that work like a sticker. Here at Hello Molly, we don't want you to miss out on a single cute outfit because you think you can't wear a bra with it. That should not stop you from looking fab and feeling even better, that's why we've got a range full of breast styling essentials to choose from allowing you to get away with the hottest backless mini dress of your dreams.

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Breast Styling Essentials