The Comeback of 90s Hair Accessories

The Comeback of 90s Hair Accessories

The Comeback of 90s Hair Accessories


 When something comes back in trend, it's guaranteed to come back stronger and better than before. 

Remember how in the early 90s, your mum would try to pin back your unruly locks with a wide variety of beaded hair pins and mini butterfly clips before school? No? Well you would have most likely thrown them out by the 2000s.

Guess what? Our childhood hair accessories are back again!

We've seen them decorating the heads of models during this year's Fashion Week. They're fit securely within the lengths of leading influencers. They're lining the shelves and online shopping carts of ecommerce stores.


Bobby pins, tortoiseshell barrettes, statement slides, butterfly clips and more! 

So what's the appeal?

Aside from the obvious nostalgia factor, the 90s was the era celebrated for its unusual colours combos, baggy tailoring and mis-matched fabrics. Another trend included decking your crimped hair in the most glittery hair accessories you could find! 

We suppose this childhood desire to wear anything sparkly in our locks has never truly left us!!

However, while they have a utilitarian function - keeping the frizz an flyaways at bay - the 90s hair accessories of today have a strong emphasis on the ability to transform any off-duty edit. 

You may recognise a few of these hair accessories yourself!! 



The saviour of the drab-looking ponytail!!! Not only are printed scrunchies a great way to add pops of colour into a look, they're known for keeping our hair in better condition compared to plain elastic ties. The fabric is gentler on the hair strands, preventing your hair from possible breakage and split ends!

Baby Butterfly Clips


Who can forget these babies! Remember how the girls would plait each others hair and place these glittery clips throughout the braid? Because we do!!



There's something about a graphic hair clip that screams 90s nostalgia, especially if they had faux pearls or glitter studs inset into the resin. 

Classic Hair Clips


If we didn't have these hair clips keeping our fringes in check, we would have all been kicked out of the classroom for untidy hair! 

Hair Barette


I always used to joke about the hair barette being an old woman's accessory. Now that I'm older and wiser, I realise how sophisticated and chic they look with a low ponytail (and how useful they are for pulling back pin straight hair!)

Diamante Hair Pins


A great accessory to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your hair! Did anyone else stick a multitude of glittery pins in their hair to make up for not having their ears pierced before the age of 13 or is it just me? 

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