Workwear Guide: Lady Leader

Lady Leader

Workwear Guide: Lady Leader

Damn girl, how'd you get those smarts?!


 Yep, your brains are bangin’ and we want to see them take you to the top! So dress for the job you want, not the job you have in statement ensembles that scream leader not follower. And fabulously, that doesn't mean head-to-toe corporate, because sophisticated ensembles come in a range of hues and shapes. Plaid suit-skirts are such a yawn and women need not eliminate their personalities from their wardrobes just to get ahead.  Make sure to give this a read, and get some inspo for the latest womens workwear fits. 

 Women’s Workwear for Winter

Keep warm in the cold seasons, and feel like a boss B while doing so. You're a different kind of hustler, and we love that about you!

Womens Workwear Jackets

Now, keeping a fun ensemble professional is easy with layers.  So have fun with your outerwear and make it the star of the show, instead of just another add-on. To change it up rather than looping your arms through, lay it on your shoulders for a carefree, yet- sleek look.

Boots For The Office

Complete your stunning 'fits with some cute little booties. Be that girl that click clacks down the hall, make sure everyone knows who's in control.

Stylish Office Workwear

Be sure to look amazing in your everyday office life. Sure, sometimes the hustle can become a tad tiring but you can do in style. 

Women's Work Dresses

And when you’re really in a rush – as we business babes often are – you’ll need a chic dress that you don’t need to put much thought into coordinating! If you dare to hitch up the hemline, be sure to wear opaque tights. Or pair a knee-length look with ankle boots and a blazer or structured knit. You’ll turn heads all the way to your next promotion!

Smart Casual Workwear 

We got some stunning smart casual workwear inspo for you. Depending on the industry you're in, the vibes could be more a lot more chill at your place. And we cater to everyone!

A no-brainer fit, that blends professional vibes with a casual fit.

A top that covers up but with a difference, don't be afraid to play with fun silhouettes!

Long twirly skirts are ALWAYS the answer.

This with a simple top and a gold chain, is just perfection.