Boho Outfits Always

With summer just around the corner there is nothing more awe inspiring than the boho trend. Long silhouettes and earth tones are what make this look iconic. This fashion trend is our favourite at Hello Molly HQ and has us all wanting more.  There’s no limit to what you can wear when it comes to boho. 
Boho actually came from the word Bohemian, which refers to someone who prefers to live unconventionally and very artistic lifestyles - just like you girl! So that already makes a lot of sense right? The style is known for its signature maxi tiered skirts and dress, big colourful jewellery and soft fabrics like cotton or linen with sandals (DUH!). Colour and comfort - what more do you want from a style? It's time for you to indulge in the boho aesthetic, so take a look at these boho dresses, boho midi dresses and the cutest of accessories. 

Maxi Dresses

With these elegant lengths and fun details, you'll be an amazing part of nature. Keep those free spirited vibes up girl!

Lace Dresses

Intricate designs are part of what makes this style so iconic!

Long Skirts

Pair these with a relaxed tee or an adorable tie-up.


Sandals, earrings - the finishing touches to the overall Boho Chic aesthetic.