5 Ways To Have The Perfect Picnic

5 Ways To Have The Perfect Picnic

5 Ways To Have The Perfect Picnic

Want to hang out but worried about social distancing? Have no fear, we have the perfect solution for you! Why not go on a picnic with your mates? Cute little food, aesthetic photo shoots - what’s not to love? Here we provide a few tips on how to have the perfect picnic! 

Choose A Good Spot & A Good Day


Seems pretty obvious but make sure the spot has good shade, has a chill vibe, has lots of greenery, not too far from civilisation AND please double check that the weather is good for the day! There is nothing more frustrating than arranging a perfect picnic day only for it to rain. 

Prepare Delicious Food

 Now by this we do not mean to create the world’s greatest souffle because that kind of food is not good unless fresh. So instead, try finger foods like gourmet sandwiches, skewers, cupcakes, biscuits, cookies etc. Do some research before you go! Will definitely make the WHOLE day better and also, to take some of the load off, encourage your friends to all bring a plate!

Pack The Necessities 

 There are some things you REALLY need to have an amazing picnic. Make sure to bring:

  • Picnic basket and/or cooler, depending on what you plan to bring
  • Picnic blanket + cushions because the ground can be hard
  • Utensils
  • Rubbish bag
  • Card games, a chill game by the park is so relaxing

Collab With Your Mates

Since your friends are coming, why not get them to help too? Start that group chat ASAP and have everyone assign tasks. It should be a fun day so don’t stress yourself out by taking all of the responsibilities. What are good friends for?

Make It Fun

Plan a whole day out of it. Bring card and board games, a small speaker (if you’re allowed to), go to a park and get on the swings! Just have fun! It’s your day off, so make the most of it.