5 Most Unique Burger Places In Australia

5 Most Unique Burger Places In Australia

5 Most Unique Burger Places In Australia

Burgers are a comfort food for many around the world, and for good reason! With their amazing combination of meat, or veggie patties, cheese, relishes, onions and beautifully crafted buns - why wouldn’t you want to wrap your hands around one? Everyone has indulged in a good classic American style burger, and while they are legends in their own right, what about exploring some new flavours and textures? Here are some unique burgers you can try in Australia.  

 Gojima (NSW)


Are you a massive sushi fan? Do you love rice, and eat it everyday? Then, this restaurant is definitely for you. Gojima combines the worlds of sushi and burgers to give you the tastiest bites! With a wide selection of sushi burgers, fries, frozen custards and shakes - you’ll never get bored. Everything in this place is FRESHLY made in house with amazing produce and cooked to order, with all-natural beef and sustainable fish, you won’t feel bad while your tastebuds celebrate this new world! 


Soul Burger (All over Australia!!)


Many of us are Vegetarian/Vegan now, so you’d think there would be more plant-based burgers in Australia. No fear though! Because Soul Burger is here to the rescue with the ENTIRE menu being completely vegan. Which is great for people who have dietary requirements too! Which is why this is a contender for this unique collection of burgers, because how many burger joints do you know that are completely vegan?


Balwyn Canteen (VIC)


A casual lil hole in the wall… More like the Tardis with this amazingly LARGE menu. There are so many unique and classic options to choose from. They make INSANE combos like the Try Or Diet burger which consists of a donut bun, smashed beef patty, cheese, maple bacon, peanut butter & jam. Come here on your next cheat day, or just whenever you don’t feel like being healthy. 


Gang Gang (SA)


Not to be confused with the adorable Cockatoo by the same name, because that’s Australia for you. This amazing shop fuses East Asian flavours into burgers, so that you can really experience new flavours. Just the names of the burgers themselves are pure gold; Cardi B, Spice Girl,  Kiki, Hot Kim - how good! Try out the Spice Girl burger which is an Asian twist on the regular cheese burger with a soy garlic marinated beef patty, gang gang house slaw, pickled ginger and wasabi. That sounds like a fun AF time to us. 


Fervor (WA)


This little pop-up produces food that is reliant upon our land. A truly unique experience, especially because they aren’t available year round and you have to buy tickets to experience these flavours. Some of the ingredients they usually use are boab tuber (an Aussie plant), catfish, water lily, green tree ant, native stingless bees and bush bananas. That’s quite the twist on a normal burger. Fervor has partnerships with local communities, Traditional Owners and various businesses to ensure that they can best reflect the truest aspects of Australia in their burgers, and the rest of their menu.